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"Personal style is art that we give to the world."


Founded in 2019

SSHHAADDOOWW is a fashion house dedicated to bringing art and apparel together. We launched with a capsule collection of tee shirts, tops, and one specially designed made-to-order bustier. "The Butterfly Bustier" is our made-to-order bustier.

Our made-to-order bustier spent years in the testing and design process for the creation of an incredible fit that can be attained from a few simple measurements. The construction and materials have been carefully chosen to give the classic look of a bustier using traditional steel-spiral- boning and adustable-removable straps. The addition of carefully placed elastic, a back zipper and a built-in underwire bra means that fit and comfort are unparalleled. All the benefits of lingerie construction, and the beauty of couture combine to make this classic and versatile top.


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